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Our Technology



We have unlocked the power to gain insight and measure a person’s state-of-mind and behaviors from their written text.

Our patented and proprietary technology is based on one simple observation – the implied, subconscious, emotional intent behind words becomes clear in context by what is said before, and what is said after, each word.  It allows us to see how someone truly feels about what they have written or said.

All of us do this naturally, all the time. MiliMatch cognitive NLP API’s are a clever mathematical implementation of this one simple fact, applied and validated over a decade, across tens of millions of emails, news stories, surveys, tweets, resumes and interviews.

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5 simple open text questions makes it easy to integrate within your existing processes. No time-consuming surveys, no focus groups and no personality tests. 

Once deployed, results are available real-time – quickly putting the power into your hands to see where you are successful and what your hot spots are.

Easy, fast, and repeatable - easily track the impact of cultural moments (e.g. new leadership, rapid growth, M&A) or evaluate longer term initiatives over time.

We all write subconsciously, whether we realize it or not. It’s how we are programmed as humans. At the surface, the MilliMatch API takes in text and assigns numbers representing the conscious and unconscious state-of-mind.  From there, our rules and algorithms effectively reverse-engineer Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and other forms of neuroscience-linguistic tools.  These tools use language patterns to change the mindset and behaviors of a person. Our algorithms analyze the language patterns to evaluate and measure the mindset and behaviors of a person through written text.

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